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What is Mindset By Dr Carol S.dwek and Why Does it Matter?

This was the first book I read in 2022, and I learned something new from it that I'd like to share with you.

Author Description: Dr Carol Dweck is a psychologist from the United States. She is well renowned for her work on mindset, and she primarily writes about how to develop a growth mindset.

Chapter 1: The mindsets (why do People differ) We have two types of mindsets, according to the author: fixed and growing. Every person have these two mindsets Let's look at what "Fixed & Growth Mindset" means:

Chapter 2: Inside the Mindsets (Is Succes about learning or Proving you're Smart? ) Two meanings of ability:

A) Fixed ability need to be proven

B) A changeable ability that can be developed through learning

It can be difficult to remember that you have a choice when learning about different mindsets. Even if you have a fixed mindset, keep in mind that it is a belief that can be changed, and once you change your mind, you can change your mindset. Because our mindset has such a large influence on so many aspects of our lives.

Mindsets are simply beliefs. They're strong beliefs, but they're only in your head, and you can change your mind. Fixed mindset individuals believe that if this work doesn't go well or we fail, it implies that we aren't good at it and that we should give up, however, growth mindset people notice the reason why it's not working and work on it until we can finish it.

Let's look at the Potential :

Fixed Mindest: They simply measure the fixed ability

Growth mindset: They think that it takes time for potential to grow.

My thoughts: If you want to be successful in life, you should always try to learn new things. Struggle does not imply insufficiency; it indicates that you are trying something new and different, and your efforts and hard work will lead to success. So, instead of having a fixed mindset, adopt a growth mindset and be open to new experiences.

Apply this: How do you act when you're depressed? Do you put more effort into things in your life or do you let them go? Put yourself in your growth mindset the next time you're feeling down—think about learning, challenges, and overcoming obstacles. Consider your efforts to be a positive, constructive force rather than a major impediment. Try with it. Chapter 3: The Truth about Ability and accomplishment This chapter reveals the truth and true ingredients of achievement, as well as what causes some people to achieve less and others to achieve more; there are numerous myths about ability and accomplishments. Many people believe that those who are talented automatically achieve and succeed, but this is not the case. Fixed mindset limits one's ability to achieve, a fixed mindset fills one's mind with interfering thoughts, and a fixed mindset turns others into judges rather than allies.

People with a growth mentality continually compliment others' efforts to prepare them for future challenges. People with a growth mindset encourage others to fully develop their minds so that they can accept difficulties and avoid limiting other people's thinking, which holds them back and prevents them from taking risks. Once they have obtained an opinion, the growth mindset always seeks to change things, and they always strive to do so.

Chapter 4: The Mindset of a champion. In this chapter, the author discusses several athletes and how they have made a difference in their respective sports. The term "natural" in athletics refers to someone who looks like an athlete, moves like an athlete, and is an athlete without ever trying. Why, despite their differences, do these people continue to be so successful in their lives? Many prominent athletes' experiences will be told here, including how they proved others incorrect and the changes they made to become excellent athletes in their profession.

How growth mindset athletics see success: Those with a growth mindset found success in doing their best, learning & improving

What is a failure for growth mindsets: Those with a growth mindset found setbacks motivating & informative. They're a wake-up call.

Taking charge of success: People with the growth mindset in sports took charge of the process that brings success- and maintain it

"Somebodies are not determined by whether they won or lost. Somebodies are people who go for it with all they have"

Chapter 5: Business & Leadership

This chapter is all about how business leaders are those with a fixed mindset and those with a growth mindset. There are numerous stories in this chapter. How fixed mindset people put their ego while running a business, whereas growth mindset people sick suggestions and try to learn from their employees. Fixed mindset leaders think that they are superior & they think their business is working only because they believe they are the ultimate genius and don't need anyone's counsel or opinion, these leaders don't focus on developing a strong and collaborative team. As a result, these types of CEOs are extremely hazardous to their company's success since they limit people's creativity and refuse to accept advice or opinions from others.

Growth mindset people, on the other hand, are always encouraged to speak out, make suggestions, and share their views and opinions on a subject. A growth mentality also helps a company succeed and thrive by motivating employees to work harder and put more effort into their employment. I found an interesting example of how IBM and Xerore were saved from going out of business by a creative CEO who led the company to number one. This is a must-read chapter.

Chapter 6: Mindset in Relationships

Here the author talks about the mindset in Love & relationships she says that suppose you got rejected fixed mindset person will always feel judged & labelled by rejection their number one goal came through Revenge. They think revenge is the best way to redemption. For people with a growth mindset, the number one goal is to forgive they did not feel permanently branded they try to learn something useful about themselves & relationships, so they could use towards having a better experience in the future

Mindset falling in love :

A growth mindset is having a good relationship with someone while accepting their weaknesses. Knowing that the opposite person is not good at everything and that I am not good at everything, will allow us to complement each other. That is what the growth mindset is all about.

Chapter 7: Parents, Teachers & coaches. The author talks about the messages that are given to students and children by their parents, coaches, and teachers. Hence, the author wants us to distinguish between the fixed mindset messages and growth mindset messages.

Here I will start with the author's example from this chapter

"you learned that so quickly! you're so smart!"

"Look at that drawing son, are you the next Picasso or what?"

"you're so brilliant, you got an A without even studying"

If you're like most parents, you hear these as supportive or boosting messages. But listen more clearly. You children might hear like this.

"If I don't learn something quickly, I am not smart "

"I shouldn't try drawing anything hard or they'll see I am no Picasso.

" I'd better quit studying or they won't think I am brilliant "

Children take these words personally, and they may stop practising their skills, allowing them to be successful in life. This mindset will help them believe and achieve the desired result and outcome.

Chapter 8: Changing mindsets This is the final chapter in which the author discusses how to change your mindset, and I'd like to share one beautiful paragraph that the Author wrote that I thought was important to share with you.

"When you learn new things, the tiny connections in your brain actually multiply and get stronger. The more you challenge your mind to learn, the more your brain cells grow. Then, things that you once found very hard or even impossible-like speaking a foreign language or doing algebra -seem to become easy. The result is a stronger, smarter brain.

My thoughts: I believe that having a certain mindset will help you to believe in yourself, as well as achieve the desired result and outcome, and thus make you successful in your life. Thank God I started 2022 with this book best book to change your mindset one of the best motivational books for me & you must read this once.

Thanks for reading this blog if you like the blog share it with your friends & family. This is sharath bangera see you in the next blog till then enjoy your reading.......

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