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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Hey, flocks, welcome to the circle of Sharath Bangera blogs,! I hope everything in your life is going well for you. I have been a vivid reader for a very long time, which led me to join the group of online books bloggers in india. During this time I chose to go through the best selections for the enthusiastic readers and started my own review line known as, online book review by Sharath Bangera .

Inside of us, there lives a two-person. One is the devil & the other one is an angel. The Devil and Angels make most of our life decisions, whether they are bad or good. They lead you on the path of life. The Devil is very lazy, selfish, and arrogant. He doesn’t like to listen or take orders. He is like a dominant person and very aggressive. Angel is very quiet. She knows you better than the devil.

She wants to help you, but at that point, you are holding the hand of the devil.

For several years, I was one who only listened to the devil. As you can say, the devil was my good friend. I was lazy, arrogant, and did what I liked to do in my life. I was a very self-domain person, saying to people what I wanted & if somebody gave me advice, I wouldn’t even listen to them. But a certain time comes when you will lose a lot of things due to devil thoughts & then we have to defeat the devil. I would say it’s difficult to defeat the devil. The Devil is a warrior, but he will not allow you to change.

But we can do it with our self-discipline. We can do that by arousing the eyes of angels, and sure, angels will guide you on the path of discovery. Certain changes you need to make as self-realization. You need to ask questions of angels, not of devils. An Angel helps you to live a good life. How we can make changes are below.

  • Self-loving is an important thing you have to do. Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. Love yourself first.

  • Reading books as much as you can. Take out one hour for reading. Books are like medicine. They have a solution to your problem and I learned through books. These books inspired me to write a blog.

  • I will start with a quote from Naval Ravikant.

"There’s a theory that I call the ‘five chimp theory’. In Zoology, you can predict the mood and behaviour patterns of any chimp by which five chimps they hang out with the most. Choose your five chimps carefully. "

Choose your circle carefully. Have good friends.

  • Train yourself. Whichever way you like, whether you like to go to the gym or play sports, do it 5 or 6 days a week. Do that.

Having a good life is the main goal of being a human being. We have to understand our values. If we know that, then it's easy for us to make a change. Whatever happens, if you think you need to change, just go for it. Start from today. Don't wait for the right time. Time will not stop for you. Erase all the past memories. Whatever happens, just start fresh. So let’s befriend Angel today. The books which I recommend to change your habits are The Power of Habit & Atomic Habit.


  • Books which I am reading this week: 12 RULES OF LIFE Soon that blog will also come.


  • PODCAST I LISTEN WHICH I FEEL I want to share with you.

The Naval Ravikant podcast on Spotify: Desire Is a Contract You Make to Be Unhappy


  • The interview which I watched inspired me.


  • The song I am listening to again & again is Shallow by Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga I just love the lyrics of this song


Hope you like this weekly blog. If you like, then share your thoughts on Twitter or Instagram. One more thing, if you feel that I should add some more points, don't hesitate to give your opinion. I love hearing from you. So give a like & share with your friends & family. See you next week.

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