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Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Welcome to It's my first blog so little nervous but confident also that I am sharing my thoughts. So the first blog will be regarding THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MONEY. Let start.

Author's description: Mr Morgan is a blogger and writer you can find his blog on where he writes about investment. Before this book, he had written two more books called 50 Years in the Making (2011) & Everyone Believes It (2012). Let's talk about this book what can I say about this book it teaches you a lot about money and investing Morgan went through its roots while describing money. It became one of the international bestselling books.

The psychology of money one of my best books in the collection totally changed the way I looked at money and investment. Just 20 chapters and 200 pages that you can easily fill out in 1 week if you sit 30 minutes for a day. But every chapter of this book will teach you something and you can adapt to it in your life. After reading this, I made a few changes in investing and doing business.

I suggest that every youngster who is in his twenties must read these books because this is the time where you give shape to your life in a matter of earning or carrier. He will teach you the lesson about wealth, not getting greedy about wealth & how to make a good investment.


This book will teach you to give up a social comparison. We enjoy comparing wealth to others and we try to take risks. But we don't see that it took them long to get into that situation. So I suggest that by doing your own goal and working on that day, you will achieve that goal.

one chapter is called Enough. Read that have described enough in beautifully, How big people make mistake when they have enough & it tells us that enough is not too little. So enough word came in my life that I apply in buying things and in investing.

Learned about compounding the things I am not saying only in money matter but you can apply this in daily life like if you want to be a success then you have to give time to your carrier. Thus, it takes time to give a result, but these things must be added.

This book is not only about money cover of this book only say the timeless lesson about wealth, greed & happiness money plays a vital role in our life how we behave & how we can change that. Quotes: The highest form of wealth is the ability to wake up every morning and say, “I can do whatever I want today.”

Many thanks for reading the hope that you love my blog. I will share the summary & review of my self-motivational books. If you like my blog then give a like & tell your family or friends about

Till then stay safe wear a mask & maintain social distancing. See you in the next blog.

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