Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Hi, flocks welcome to another blog as you read from the title only ATOMIC HABITS written by JAMES CLEAR. What can I say about this book such books are rare to see so much technicality that if you want to adopt good habits & break bad habits I highly recommend this book. This is my best motivational book & my favourite one.

Author Description: James clears an American author and article publisher at, he writes mainly about habits how you can apply these things in life and business.

20 chapters in this book, but you will not feel that hard to read. Easy language & words once you start you will be surprised that for sure.

Methods I learned from this book :

  • First, I learned to make tiny changes in my habit. The title of this book says only tiny changes, remarkable result & that is so true.

I will give one example of my only for the last 25 years I was biting my nails truly I was so bad in biting nail that even my parents tried many things to stop that, but they failed even I tried many times but unfortunately that too not happen because I was forcing myself I was making so many changes at a one time this book helped really how to make small/tiny changes now I hardly bit my nail.

  • Don't set your goals while changing your good habits. Habit is a system that we have to do daily so setting a goal sometimes we can get the trap to bad habits.

For example, we set our goals to reduce weight we do that also after achieving we forget to follow the system again we put on weight.

  • I learned from these books that habits are divided into four things they are a cue, craving, response & reward. If you get right these four things, then it's easy to adopt good habits. Yes, they are very helpful because I have applied this thing in actual life.

  • Mr James has written four systems in this book which is so brilliantly written. If you apply these four things to habit change, then it will easy for you to continue the good habit. I won't tell their name because they are the main topic I don't to give a spoiler.

Sorry, this blog I kept short actually as I said that before only that the whole book is only about systems that if you apply that 100% sure I am that you will make that system of good habits.

Bad habits are not easy to go from life but if you have self-belief & correct technique, then you can easily adapt the good habit. Hope you read this book & after reading please share your thoughts.

Message to Mr James clear: Wish I could meet you one day I would give a big hug because it's a great honour to read such a book feels lucky also that I have grabbed this book so many changes in habit that from last 6-month reading books writing a blog, reduced weight & the most important I fall into a system of good habit.


One request all of you if you like my blog please please give it a like, share with your friend & family Till then stay safe wear a mask & maintain social distancing. See you in the next blog hope.

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